Development and manufacturing of high-tech lithium batteries for a variety of specific applications.

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About 1985 company

Battery product terminal solution provider.

Company introduction

1985 company is mainly engaged in lead acid battery and solar system, with 15 years of industry experience and complete production and R&D capabilities. Spain European and American Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Madrid in 2003. After 15 years of serious operation, it has successively established branches in Dongguan, Italy, France, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Morocco and other places.

  • Battery products are rich and diverse
  • Brand price advantage can give agents a good price space
  • Provide diversified product customization services
  • We cooperate with many famous supplier and get good feedback from our client. BYD, CATL, BLUESUN, GROWATT.
  • Fast new brands and sufficient inventory
  • Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service
  • We are an BATTERY product company operating in China and overseas.
  • Serving many wholesale and retail markets in different channels and countries, the channels radiate the whole European market.

Roc and Our Story

Hi everyone, I am Roc

My father studied in New Zealand Auckland University in 2002, Main major is Electrical Engineering to research battery technology.

So, after graduating in 2002, He back to China to set a technical group and make battery technical work.


February 2004 to Japan

Build a Japan technical group.

Since it is an overseas trade, we have been thinking about how to build a better bridge with our customers, go deep into the local overseas market and contact the local market, and provide our customers with more professional services and value. So we decided to go to Japan to start our offline service.


Get Japan technical group permission and make ROC brand with Japan Technology.

Due to the innovation and breakthrough of battery technology, ROC has been widely recognized in China and Japan.

We have established factories in China and sold to 14 countries worldwide in just one year, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, earning high recognition from our customers.

With the rise of lithium batteries, our battery industry has a new starting point and choice.


Founded its own brand in 2009

Established lithium battery as our brand

Therefore, we can now not only provide powerful lead-acid batteries, but also bring safe, longer and long-lasting energy storage lithium batteries to thousands of households.


Become a European brand licensee

We constantly strive and operate our car starting battery and lithium battery.

In 2013, we cooperated with European brand licensor, which became our important cornerstone


Bringing Chinese Brands to Europe

Cooperate with famous battery brands

In 2016, we cooperated with well-known battery brands and follow them to Europe. During this period, we also cooperate with: BYD Bluesun CATL EVE

Until now, our brands have spread from Spain, to Italy, to France, to Poland, to Romania, and more European countries.

As the children grow up quickly, we also go to travel to various countries in Europe every year during the holidays and visit our client to get many feedback. Aim to establish more superior local service.


New Brands Go Global

In 2022, it is planned to let the ROC new brand start from China (the motherland) and go to the whole world!

Team Introduction

Global Service Team

There are 1985 branches in Dongguan, Yiwu, Italy, France, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Morocco and other places to better implement solutions in every link.

  • 24/7 Call Services Available
  • Great Skilled Consultant
  • Expert Team Members
  • How to improve business
  • Business is the best plan
  • Services we provide

Manufacturing Team

There are 1985 branches in Dongguan, Yiwu, Italy, France, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Morocco and other places to better implement solutions.


Quality Inspection

Package Design

Why choose ACC

We can provide you with wholesale options to all our products to meet your specific needs for your business and save you money wit our competitive discount rates on high volume orders.
  • Full Range of Battery.

    More than 12 different product catalogs, focusing on but not only battery.
    More than 10,000 SKU production experience to achieve the perfect balance between quality and price.
    One-stop business procurement service, saving your time and money.
  • 3 Years Warranty

    More than 10 years of brand promotion experience, understand the characteristics of different countries.
    According to the customer's brand positioning, professionally recommend suitable products.
  • Professional Design Team of More Than 40 Designers

    More than 10 years experience in packaging design.
    According to customer needs and market positioning, create exclusive packaging styles, which can be matched with a variety of different packaging structures.
  • Strong Quality Control Ability

    Strong quality control ability.
    Experienced QC team is equipped with complete testing equipment to track all the process of production to ensure that all products meet high quality requirements. Core manufacturers ensure that product quality meets customer needs and national standards.
    Professional industrial system to avoid mistakes and produce in time. Perfect after-sales experience.

Solar system project

Solar system project

Solar system project

Solar system project

Solar system project

Solar system project

Solar system project

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