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E-Bike Battery Fires: A Deadly Problem

E-Bike Battery Fires: A Deadly Problem

Jul 21,2023
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E-Bike Battery Fires: A Deadly Problem
Fires sparked by lithium-ion batteries—which are used to power electric bicycles—have proven to be violent, fast-moving and tough to extinguish.

So far this year, the FDNY says 66 fires have been started by lithium-ion batteries, killing five people. Last year, the city saw 216 fires and six deaths related to the batteries.

In a series of reports, NY1 will examine the issues from all angles.

We will introduce you to people who survived those fires, and you’ll learn how their lives are forever changed.

In some instances, there is a growing call to ban the bikes from residential buildings. We’ll take a closer look at the legal challenges, and what some management companies are doing—or not doing—to safeguard people and property.

For the tens of thousands of delivery workers who rely on e-bikes to keep up with the growing demand of delivery apps, the fires are sparking concerns, adding another threat to an already dangerous job.

So far, Mayor Eric Adams has signed a series of bills calling for stricter regulations on e-bikes and lithium-ion batteries sold in the city. The City Council is also introducing legislation to install safe charging stations and provide reduced-cost or free lithium-ion batteries that meet safety standards.

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